45 years old woman, Liver carcinoma; lesion (9 cm) + pancreatic metastases; chemotherapy + addition to the patient's diet of a liquid shark cartilage extract; tumor regressed by 80% in 1994; tumor disappeared in 1995


Date Exam



Diagnosis: Abcessed tumoral mass 9,5 x 9,4 x 8.5 cm in size in the right lobe of the liver and two small suprapancreatic lesions.

Biopsy: Epithelial tumor looking very malignant and very undifferentiated.


Patient started on food supplement treatment which included liquid shark cartilage (I vial per day), antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes. After 2 weeks of the above regimen the patient felt more energetic.


Meeting with a surgeon and an oncologist: they convinced the patient to take one treatment of chemotherapy per month which consisted of low dose of 5-Fluorouracil.


A tomography was performed which indicated the reduction of hepatic tumors by 60% to 65%. The pancreatic nodules had also diminished.


Another control was performed indicating an additional regression of the tumors by 15-20%; pancreatic tumors had also diminished. The patient tolerated chemotherapy fairly well experiencing some nausea, tiredness, metallic taste, occasionally a small ulcer in the mouth and twice anal fissures. She did not loose her hair. The patient regained her energy quite rapidly after each chemo treatment.


A tomography was performed indicating a complete disappearance of hepatic and pancreatic tumors.

A follow-up of the patient's general condition will be performed in 3 months.

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