J.B., France

I learned on July 22, 1997, that I had a stage-lV lung cancer with bone metastasis. With this inoperable cancer, my life expectancy was only of a few months. Chemotherapy therapeutic trials produce a slight regression but positive effects stopped and after 10 months, chemotherapy was interrupted. I received no treatment since the beginning of May 1998.

Having heard about shark cartilage, I started taking CarTCell NF in July 1998, on that basis of halt a bottle a day and from September 1998, one bottle a day. I have been making the product continuously since. I did not notice any side effect and my health has markedly improved, I have been able to resume some activities that I could no longer engage in (longs walks...). Furthermore, I am still followed by my doctor (consultation every three months with Professor Lafiue, complete check-up...). The last check-up in November 1998 revealed that some bone metastases had decreased and even disappeared in certain cases: in addition, some cancer tissue fibrosis had stabilized. I believe these results are produced by the shark cartilage I am taking.

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