53-year old woman, Non hodgkininan lymphoma; refused chemotherapy; addition to the patient's diet of a liquid shark cartilage extract followed by total resorption of a 2,5 cm adenopathy in the neck.


Date Exam


24/09/93 Multiple cervical adenopathies on the right side.


06/10/93 Surgery: Resection of a tumor-Histology: Large cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the B type and intermediate grade


07/10/93 Patient refuses chemotherapy. Addition of a liquid, shark cartilage-based extract to the diet.


02/11/93 Abdominal CAT scan; Both pulmonary areas appear normal. No visible masses in the mediastinum. On the other hand, in the abdominal region we find individualized adenopathies and others that merge to form sort of lines toward the para-aortic region and surround the mesenteric vessels. These adenopathies begin 10 appear in the upper third of the abdomen and reach the iliac crests.


25/12/93 Abdominal CAT scan: The previous exam revealed adenopathies on the right side, around the carotid and the jugular vein (2.5cm in diameter); they have totally resorbed. There is no suspicious adenopathy in the cervical region. No abnormalities in the thoracic region. In the abdominal region, the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, and the pancreas appear normal. Retro-crural, retro-peritoneal and inter-aorto-cavous ganglia have markedly decreased in volume. Marked resorption compared to previous exam.


03/03/94 Thoracic and abdominal CAT scans: Thoracic region unchanged; no mediaslinal adenopathy, nor mediastino-pleural mass. No adenopathy in the axillas. In the abdominal region, there is a voluminous adenopathy over the right renal hilus (already present on the previous exam).


29/11/94 Thoracic and abdominal CAT scans: No mediaslinal adenopathy in the thoracic region, nor in the aortic window or the lungs. In the abdominal region, the multiple adenopathies described in the previous exam have decreased in volume and number by 50 % to 75 %.


05/12/94 CAT scan of the neck: Regression in volume and number of 95 % of the cervical adenopathies described previously.


09/03/95 CAT scan of the neck, the thorax and the abdomen: In the neck region multiple cervical adenopathies arc found on the right, and their number and aspect have not changed since the December 1994 examination. In the thoracic and abdominal regions only persist small retro-peritoneal adenopathies that have not progressed since the December 1994 examination.


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