47 years old woman, Ovarian cancer; lesions of 15cm (right), 11 cm (left) and several 2 cm lesions; underwent surgery and chemotherapy in 1991; relapse treated by chemotherapy in 1992; second relapse treated by chemotherapy in 1993; addition to the patient's diet of a liquid shark cartilage extract in 1994; malignant neoplasm of reduced mass.


Date Exam



Histology: Voluminous, solid, moderately differentiated serous papillary adenocarcinomas of both ovaries; tumor of 15 cm in diameter in the right ovary, 11 cm in the left one and several tumors of 2cm in the uterus (Stage III B).

Surgery: Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-ovariectomy and omentectomy.

Chemotherapy: 6 cycles of Carboplatin + Cyclophosphamid that ended in February 1992.


CAT scan: Ascitis, bilateral pleural effusion with no masses. Surgery: Under general anesthesia were found an abdominal mass of 4 cm on the right side, a diffuse mass of 7 cm in the pelvic region, and ascitis. Chemotherapy: Taxol: 7 cycles that ended in January 1993.


Abdominal CAT scan and echography- Normal.


25/06/93 Surgery: Recidivation of ovarian neoplasm. Diffuse peritoneal carcinomatosis; multiple adhesions between the small intestine and mesentery and the abdominal wall. Numerous small metastases less than 2 cm in size. Residual tumor of a considerable total volume but no lesion larger than 2 cm was left in place. Histology: Metastases of serous adenocarcinomas.
07/07/93 Second recidivation of ovarian neoplasm.

Laparotomy: Left pelvic mass, peritoneal carcinomatosis: malignant pelvic mass. Partial resection of malignant tumor-Chemotherapy: 6 cycles of Cisplatin + Adriamycin.



Addition to the patient's diet of a shark cartilage-based food supplement.



Malignant neoplasm: reduced mass and rest of the mass liquefied. The physician asks for an echography to substantiate the texture change.

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