63 years old man, Rhabdomyosarcoma; infiltrating tumor of 11 cm in diameter (450 g); underwent surgery + chemotherapy; relapse treated by radiotherapy + addition to the patient's diet of a liquid shark cartilage extract; tumor showing necrosed tissue


Date Exam


10/93 Tumefaction of the thigh attributed to a trauma.



Surgery: Ablation of a rhabdomyosarcoma or malignant schwannoma 11x8 x 6 cm in size and weighing 450 g. Muscular infiltration.


21/02/94 Chemotherapy: First cure of the CYVADIC-CYVADAC type. The two other cures were scheduled at three weeks intervals and did not take place because the tumor returned 15 days (March 9, 1994) after the first cure.


10/03/94 Radiotherapy: Local radiotherapy (40 Grays) ended on April 8, 1994.


25/03/94 Addition to the patient's diet of a liquid, shark cartilage-based food supplement.


27/04/94 Decrease in volume of the thigh.


24/06/94 Exeresis of the tumor showing a necrosed tissue.


02/95 Nothing special to mention.


05/95 Nothing special to mention.

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