Pancreas cancer

Doris, a 69 years old housekeeper, was diagnosed with an advanced pancreas cancer. The cancer evolved to a stage for which her medical oncologist was not anticipating efficacy from conventional chemotherapy. She was left with pain killers. Doris then turned to the liquid cartilage extract along with a healthy natural nutrition to assist pancreatic functions and regular exercises. At the end of August `97, a monitoring scan performed by her medical oncologist revealed no sign of the tumor. I talked to her recently and she is in good health and keeps on her new way of Iife.

Prostate cancer

Dave is clerical worker and is 42 years old. Three months ago, he was diagnosed with a prostate cancer. This revelation plunged Dave in a depression state. After sharing his health concerns with friends and relatives, he decided to supplement his diet with the liquid cartilage extract. Upon his most recent visit to my office, Dave announced me he was told by his medical oncologist that the tumor had shrunk. He could not believed the way he was feeling.

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